The Oasis Public Charitable Foundation is a non—governmental organization dedicated to the social protection and integration of vulnerable children, youth and women. Our goal is to empower at—risk youth, including graduates of orphanages, victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking, as well as young people in conflict with the law.

The Foundation provides social protection for vulnerable children and women, providing them with the skills to transition to independent and self-sufficient levels of life after graduating from orphanages/boarding schools. Oasis directly cooperates with the Probation Department under the Ministry of Justice of Kyrgyzstan, the Office of the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Kyrgyz Republic, the Ministry of Labor and Social Development, the Ministry of Education and Science. The total number of minor beneficiaries of the fund for five years exceeded 600 people. These young people received support in gaining access to further education.

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Baktybekova Zhibek - Researcher
Baktybekova Zhibek
Osmonalieva Meerim - Director of the Foundation
Osmonalieva Meerim
Director of the Foundation
Zhumabaeva Zhanyl - Expert
Zhumabaeva Zhanyl