26 July 2023

The Oasis Foundation has ten years of experience in preventing and combating human trafficking among at-risk youth and vulnerable migrants. Since its foundation, the foundation has implemented more than 10 effective projects aimed at countering human trafficking and illegal migration. These projects have played an important role in providing direct assistance to victims, as well as in organizing comprehensive training for State institutions and local authorities to identify victims and provide support through the National Referral Mechanism for Victims of Trafficking in Human Beings of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Our organization ensures everyone the right to receive the necessary assistance and protection, promotes the rehabilitation of victims of human trafficking and their inclusion in society.

The problem of human trafficking is little known in our culture, and victims do not like to talk about what happened to them. Traffickers usually promise good jobs abroad, which are difficult to find in Kyrgyzstan. Many people hope that they will be able to send money to their families while working abroad, and thus support them. Women and men leave their families to work abroad. Unfortunately, it’s too late when they realize they’ve been sold. They take away passports, and do not issue salaries.

For 2023, the Oasis Foundation provided direct assistance to 123 victims of human trafficking within the framework of the project “Caring for One — Caring for Everyone”, providing psychological, legal, humanitarian and medical support. This support plays a crucial role in helping victims to reintegrate into society.

We are part of Oasis Global network, which has founded the STOP THE TRAFFIK movement www.stopthetraffik.org on combating and preventing human-trafficking.

Our tasks are as follows:

  • Reduce the number of people trafficked from Kyrgyzstan through prevention activities;
  • Work towards protection and restoration of trafficking victims;
  • Identification and redirection victims of human trafficking;
  • Provide appropriate assistance and protection;
  • Assist in the rehabilitation and reintegration of victims of human trafficking.