18 January 2021

The Ministry of Education of the Kyrgyz Republic, together with Oasis Kyrgyzstan, conducted a certified training «Reforming of children’s homes and their transformation into complex, modern institutions». This training allowed the leadership of residential institutions to understand in detail:

✔️ UN standards for creating alternative types of services for vulnerable children, orphans and those left without parental care;

✔️System of post-institution support for care leavers;

✔️Implementation of the state program for the transformation of residential institutions in accordance with the UN Regulation on Alternative Care;

✔️How to work with children with post-traumatic stress disorder and with fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. 

The trainings were conducted by highly qualified trainers from UNESCO Associated Schools from Kyrgyzstan and the USA. This training was implemented within the framework of the project “Care Leavers Advocacy » with the support of the German Embassy in the Kyrgyz Republic. ????????