The Oasis Public Charitable Foundation is a non-governmental organization dedicated to the social protection and integration of vulnerable children and women. Our focus is on empowering at-risk youth, including graduates of orphanages, victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking, as well as young people in conflict with the law.

Our mission 

  • Empowering at-risk youth: The Foundation aims to empower at-risk youth by providing them with the necessary support, resources and opportunities to overcome difficulties and lead a fulfilling life.
    • Reintegration into society: Our goal is to prevent the exclusion of at-risk youth from the community and to work on the reintegration of those who have faced exclusion, helping them to gain a sense of belonging and acceptance.
    • Support victims of gender-based violence and human trafficking: We provide legal, humanitarian and psychological assistance to victims of human trafficking and gender-based violence.
    • Community Transformation: The Foundation aims to contribute to the transformation of local communities by strengthening trust, cohesion and mutual support among community members.
    • Sustainable programs: We  implement long-term and sustainably developing programs, such as the Bilim-Belek educational program, which provides access to formal and non-formal education, as well as other initiatives aimed at long-term impact.
    • Democratic engagement: Our activities encourage the active participation of young people in democratic processes, fostering a sense of civic responsibility and social engagement.
    • Training activities : We conduct  trainings, camps, summer schools among vulnerable youth, juvenile inspectors, social workers to raise awareness  and learn them on how to deal with human trafficking and gender-based violence.

Pursuing these goals and directions, the foundation strives to make positive and lasting changes in the lives of at-risk youth and contribute to the improvement of society as a whole.

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Baktybekova Zhibek - Researcher
Baktybekova Zhibek
Osmonalieva Meerim - Director of the Foundation
Osmonalieva Meerim
Director of the Foundation
Zhumabaeva Zhanyl - Expert
Zhumabaeva Zhanyl